Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm Sorrry

I'm sorry I'm not worthy of your love,
your affection, your kindness,
your respect, your friendship.
I am worthy of your abuse,
I am worthy of my own.
I am sorry I can't win my own battles,
or give up my disorder,
I'm sorry that I'm not perfect,
I'm sorry that I want to be.
I am sorry that I can never trust
that someone could care for me
so I must test their caring beyond limitation
until they fail me and I feel empty once more.
I am sorry that I want to be as invisible as I feel,
I don't scream for your attention,
but if you are observant enough
you know I plead for it silently.
I don't seek to hurt you,
I'm sorry.... for who I am, what I am,
what I will become, and what I have been.
I don't ask for your forgiveness, just your understanding.

To those who deserve

Love comes to those who love,
who find their joy
In others' joy,
their tears in others' tears.
Those in need receive the gifts that buy
Them through the misspent yearnings of their years.
Weakness is a strength, and power none,
For none has power to compel affection.
Passion to the self-consumed may come,
But love looks for the grace of its reflection.
Love is like a tide that comes and goes,
And comes and goes according to the moon,
Giving and receiving as it flows
Between high headlands weathered and rough-hewn.
For love becomes itself the cause of love,A double-knot not easy to remove.
Christy Ann Cormier
Copyright ©2007 Christy Ann Cormier

Hand In Hand

Laying underneath the stars,
On a warm silent night.
Your arms are wrapped around me,
And everything feels right.
You kiss me sweet and softly,
I feel your warm gentle touch,
You help me feel protected
Under the sweet night sky rush.
My world before me is perfect.
There's nowhere else I want to be,
Except laying underneath the stars
Hand in hand, you and me.
Just when everything is perfect,
And you seem so delicately sweet,
A rush of wind comes past me
As I'm swept beneath my feet
Nothing could be more right,
There's nowhere else I want to be.
Let's take a walk my only love,
Hand in hand, you and me.